Strip Blade System for gravure and flexo printing

Your advantages

  • Replaces your normal doctor blade! You simply squeeze-in within seconds a small blade strip 7-9mm wide in our flexible blade holder delivered with dimensions of your actual blade.
  • Welded pocket design! No bolts, no rivets, no stiff H-profile! No leakage!
  • Well dosed spring action from “the root to the blade-tip”
  • Usually only 1 blade-strip! No needless back-up-strips!
  • Rolled-up transport by simple mail parcel! No need of truck forwarder! You save time and money!
  • Manufacturing delay maximum 3 days after order for both blade holder and blade strips of any dimension!


flexible blade holder plus blade strip on coil, holder also rollable for transport

squeeze-in strip within seconds
picture shows rear side (to incoming ink-flow)

here in detail
picture shows downside (to incoming ink-flow)

Ready installed, clamped in machine holder,
flush side up
usually one blade strip only


only in case of very sharp doctoring:

ready for print with double strip, flush side up, consisting of:
very thin blade strip (70 µm) plus back-up-strip
simulating a common lamella blade

dimensions and quantities see this leaflet

Possible combinations blade holder and blade strips can be found here.

To propose you the best possible doctor blade arrangement, please answer this questionnaire to existing doctor blade.

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